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William Lockie

In 1874, the establishment of William Lockie marked the beginning of a renowned knitting company in Hawick, Scotland. Specializing in crafting products from luxury wools and rare hairs, William Lockie has retained its distinction as one of the last independent family knitwear companies in Hawick. The workforce, comprised of highly skilled individuals, often spans multiple generations within the same family, utilizing traditional skills passed down through time. These skills contribute to the creation of some of the world's highest-quality knitwear.

Despite the integration of modern machinery, essential for maintaining business viability, William Lockie preserves its commitment to traditional craftsmanship. Throughout the modern knitwear manufacturing process, skilled workers play pivotal roles, adding a distinctive touch to every William Lockie garment.

So, what sets a William Lockie garment apart and makes it, in the eyes of Westaway & Westaway, the epitome of modern high-quality attire?

Firstly, the foundation lies in the use of the finest raw materials—pedigree yarns sourced directly from pedigree sheep, camels, and goats, procured to William Lockie's specifications. Just as a chef relies on top-notch ingredients for a good meal, quality knitwear begins with superior materials.

Secondly, William Lockie employs a higher tension in knitting, especially in comparison to some Italian competitors. This results in a slightly heavier garment that maintains its shape exceptionally well over the years, offering durability even if it feels somewhat firmer.

Thirdly, all William Lockie garments undergo a fully fashioned process, ensuring meticulous linking point by point. This technique, often omitted in cheaper garments, contributes to the overall quality and craftsmanship.

Lastly, the milling or washing process, meticulously executed to remove oils from the yarns, demands a high level of skill. Timing is crucial to preserve the garment's integrity, requiring precision to avoid any compromise in quality.

Established in 1937, Westaway & Westaway has been a purveyor of top-quality clothing products. The collaboration between our discerning eye for quality and William Lockie's mastery of the manufacturing process guarantees that any Lockie product you acquire from us will endure, maintaining its luxurious feel and high-quality standards over time.