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William Lockie

In 1874 William Lockie were established in Hawick, Scotland as a knitting company specialising in making products out of luxury wools and rare hairs.

As one of the last independent family knitwear companies in Hawick, many of the highly skilled workers are third or fourth generation members of the same family, using traditional skills that have been passed down. This expertise is used to make some of the best quality knitwear in the world.

That is not to say that William Lockie do not use modern machinery, if they did not, they would no longer be a viable business. However, within a modern knitwear manufacturing process there are key stages where skilled workers contribute to making a William Lockie garment so special.

So, what is it that makes a William Lockie garment what we at Westaway & Westaway consider to be the best modern high-quality garment available?

Firstly, they use the best quality raw materials available, pedigree yarns from pedigree sheep, camels and goats, bought directly from the spinners to their own specifications. If you give a chef poor ingredients, he will struggle to make a good meal and the same theory applies to knitwear.

Secondly, they knit under a higher tension than many of their competitors, especially the Italian ones. This means that there will be more of the raw material used giving a slightly heavier garment and the garment will maintain its shape far better over the years. It will feel slightly harder maybe, but this is necessary to obtain such high durability.

Thirdly all their garments are fully fashioned, which means the ends are linked point by point. Cheaper garments do not use this technique.

Finally, the milling process or washing process to remove all the oils from the yarns is a very skilled task. The garment must be pulled out at exactly the right moment so as not to spoil it.

Westaway & Westaway were established in 1937, and since then have been selling top quality clothing products. Our eye for quality combined with William Lockie’s knowledge of the manufacturing process means that any Lockie product you buy from us, will be guaranteed to last a long time and maintain its high-quality luxury feel.