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EU Sales

Sales to EU countries

All orders to EU countries are now subject to import duties, local sales taxes and handling charges. These will be collected before delivery by the local Post Office. The additional amount to be collected will be as follows :-

  1. Local Value Added Sales tax. For most European countries this is in the region of 21%  to 23% of the value of the goods.
  2. Import duty. This is an additional charge to orders over the value of £ 150.00 and is 12%
  3. Handling charges. These vary and are up to the discretion of the local Post Office and customs. Generally they are in the region of £20.00

As an example, a William Lockie mens lambswool pullover has a retail price of £ 99.00. This is the price that would have been paid in 2020. Now the VAT is not collected in the UK, so the price of the pullover is now £ 82.50. Upon delivery you could expect to pay 21% Sales tax  £17.33, and a handling charge of £20.00, giving a total of £ 119.83. If two pullovers are ordered, then in addition there would be a 12% import duty charge, so the calculation would be £ 165.00 (82.50 x 2), 21% sales tax £ 34.65, 12% import duty £19.80, handling charge of £20.00 giving a total of £ 239.45 sterling.

Duty Paid Service

As this is very complicated and unpredicatable, we offer a duty paid service. The cost of this service is displayed upon checkout and if paid means that Westaways will take control of the payment of all import charges, so the price you pay is a fixed price. The only disadvantage of this service is it means all orders are routed via Madrid, so delivery can take longer. However, we find this service is a much more efficient way of delivering orders to EU customers, in addition to being more cost effective.